What is Suttonstrong Personal Training?

Suttonstrong is private personal training to coach clients to winning rapid results. Suttonstrong teaches clients how to have  healthier lifestyles while training for their goals. Whether it’s in home training or private studio training Suttonstrong promises to get the results you’ve always wanted. April Sutton feels that it’s important to know “how” you will get your results in the same way that she once did hers. It’s important you to be influenced to live a healthier life so you can be more confident, happier and healthier than ever. Suttonstrong is different because most personal training companies train to retain the client for as long as possible. Suttonstrong “teaches you to fish” and trains each client to eventually coach their own lives. To live fit. To live healthy. To live Suttonstrong!


Personal Training

One on One private personal training
sessions that are one hour long, which
also includes weekly workout plans,
and nutritional guidance.



Meal Prep

April comes to meet with the client
once a week, to do grocery shopping
and prepare healthy entrees for
the week.



Speaking Engagements

Book a motivational speaking
seminar or workshop to help
empower motivate and inspire
you to become your full




S Our Services

We offer training and meal plan services
for all walks of life.

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